How To Sell Your Photos

(How to buy stock photos)
Selling Photography in Stock agency
photobanks, sell stock photos List of photobanks - additional earnings for photographers and amateurs

(Computer translation from Russian - original)

ShutterStock - one of the best photobanks - stock agency. Pays 30 cents for your picture (20$ - for the extended licence). Here buyers work on subscription, at them is possibly to get 25 pictures in a day. This photobank accept the vector images and editorial photos of people without Model Release for the publication in MASS-MEDIA. Minimum size of photo - 4 Mpx. Send the money on PayPal, Moneybookers or bank cheque.
Go to, then press on link : "Not a Member? Sign Up to make $$$ now!"
Fill all neatly. Then they ask to send them the copy of passport (example), we scan and send.
Now most important. Since you will be adopted, you must load on verification 10 the best photos. If an inspector in this photobank at the first verification will reject more than four your works, possibility to load at you again will appear through a month only.
All, it is possible to load photos and earn a money!

Fotolia - pays depending on the got size 0.33, 0.66, 0.99 or 1.35 dl for a photo (after 2 mp., 4 mp. or 8 mp. accordingly). If photo exclusive or more rank of photographer, anymore. You can set prices for the extended licence Minimum size of the pictures - 2 mpx.
Go to . Press on " Sign up! For and free ascount". Enter the desired name and password, on a next page we answer all questions. After the successful filling you send a letter with link of activating, It is possible to work after activating.

DreamsTime - on the average pays 1$ - 2$ for the photo of printing size and 50 cents for web resolution, 4$ for vector (raw) and also depending on a licence it is possible to have for one photos 50, 100, 150 and anymore (sale of rights) dollars . This fotobank every day proposes one picture for the free getting to the authorized users. Often does competitions and gives gifts to the winners :) Minimum size of picture for this photo bank - 3 mpx. Send a money by a cheque, on Paypal or Moneybookers.
Go to, press on "REGISTER FOR FREE", then on a page we put a birdie on the last point "Register for free" and CONTINUE TO STEP 2 . Then we answer all questions. After registration a letter with congratulation will come to you. Now you can work with this photobank.

BigStockPhoto - pays on 50 cents fot a photo, it is possible to sell on the extended licences (to 60$). accept even pictures less 1 megapixel (800x600).
Go to, then press on " register free ", answer questions. On a next page we choose the third point " take the Photographers Tutorial to begin uploading your own photos". This ask you to pass the short teaching for a photographer, and then pass a test. On two pages there will be description, that it is possible and that it is impossible to send, what quality must be pictures. On 3th there will be a test. Do not experience, if you will answer not correctly, immediately a window with an error and right answer will appear. Memorize on your own this value, at the repeated passing of him specify. After passing of test it is possible to work with a photobank.

How to buy stock photos? - the leader among photobanks on quality of images and given services. As many photographers work with this agency on an exclusive basis, means, such big variety of images to not find in other photobanks. Accordingly, the prices at a little bit above, than at other agencies. Approximate cost following: a web-size - 1$ or 2$, 2mp - 4$, 5mp - 6$. Vector illustrations - 1$, 3$ or 7$ depending on complexity. The minimal credit can be bought for 12 $.

Fotolia - Low Prices Starting at just $1. Best Price Guaranteed. Free Images Available. International Image Collection. Powerful Search Engine. Flexible Royalty Free

DreamsTime - Immediately download from huge collection of royalty free images. Thousands of stock photos added weekly

Shutterstock - Shutterstock has millions of stock photos available at a monthly rate. All photos are royalty-free and subject to a single licensing agreement.